We Speak Dreams


There was this thing that happened when you talked about really big ideas.

When you talked about your dreams.

When you talked about your ambition.

There was this thing that happened where people would sometimes write you off as crazy.

They would laugh nervously, “You’re joking, right?”

They would look uncomfortable.

Sometimes they would think you were greedy.

“Calm down,” they would say.

I was lucky enough to grow up with role models and mentors who taught me and encouraged me to dream.

In early education, I was taught some lessons that would shape me forever.

Teachers were role models who told me:

“You can be whatever you want to be.”

“You can do anything you set your mind to.”

Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars.”

“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

I was encouraged to dream and think big and make things happen.

I was taught to believe that I absolutely could and would change the world.

And so, when I look into the eyes of the young girls and women I mentor, I am sometimes saddened by their incapacity to dream, which has been taken away from them since before they can even remember.

In this world, we need so much:

Food, water, shelter, healthcare, education, racial justice, protection from abusers, new jobs and sources of income.

Among those needs, I also believe that a girl and a woman’s right to dream, to get inspired and be inspiring, eventually allowing her to change her reality, is something we urgently need to cultivate at this time and always.

More than ever, I believe we need to unite as a global community of women to inspire each other to dream and to make things happen.

Our collective energy is extremely powerful.

I want to spotlight incredible female narratives and give women across the globe permission and fuel to dream big. I want to connect people who might otherwise never meet, but need to meet!

The up-and-coming heroes to the already established ones.

Imagine what they might create and do together?

I want to scale these powerful conversations of dreams and hope, and “Yes We Can” to as many women as possible.

I want us to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, building a powerful community of women who support and mentor each other.

Growing up as a trilingual Franco-Brazilian-American citizen, people have always asked me what language I dream in.

I could never remember the language, which I think makes sense, because dreaming is its own universal language.

Like love, empathy, hope, inspiration and so many positive human attributes, dreams are universal, no matter who you are.